Thank You To All Our Partners – You’ve Been Amazing!

We ❤ Our Partners.

We’re not in this to make a quick buck. For us, it’s all about building long-term partnerships with our clients, getting to know them and what they do so we can help them succeed in this fast-paced digital world.

As we always say “It’s not about selling, convincing, or persuading but rather about us being a Good Fit”.

Thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you. Congratulations to all our team members also on their fantastic work!

We’ve been privileged to have worked with the following partners in the month of January:

She Is Ministry

She Is Ministry

She Is Ministry’s main primary goal is for every woman to be faithfully planted in a church and a sisterhood cell group and for God to reveal His power and purpose through every woman thus leading to the salvation of multitudes. Fulfilling the Great Commission by discipling and sending women of all ages to proclaim the gospel, Commissioned to make disciples, Unveiling her God-given purpose, Knowing her identity in Christ.

View Their Website Here

Valley Estate Broker

Valley Estate Broker is a team of international professional housing agents in collaboration with a team of experienced local Chinese agents with the aim of satisfying our various clients based on their budgets and desired locations.

View Their Website Here

Wode Maya

Wode Maya is a Ghanaian Freelance Vlogger/Youtuber.  He has to his credit many fun & interesting videos. He has a bachelors degree in Aeronautics at Shenyang Aerospace University but he is now into full-time Vlogging. He currently based in China. Aiya Wode Maya would be considered to us one of our famous China-based clients as he has a huge following with the videos he creates and posts.

View Their Website Here

Alafea Institute

Who is Alafea and what’s Alafea Institute all about?

Alafea Reynolds, a mother of three and two bonus kids who doubled as an educator and mother. She experienced firsthand the frustration of trying to develop professionally while trying to be present for her husband, kids and family.

Alafea Institute, on the other hand, is a training institution on a mission to empower educators across the world via online and live training and founded by none other than Alafea Reynolds hence the name Alafea Institute.

View Their Website Here

World Sports Scenario (WSS)

World Sports Scenario (WSS) is a football academy based in Wuhan, China. In July 2015 an organization was created, “LWJ Wuhan soccer school” together with “Love, Wisdom, Joy Montessori education“. This project was born from necessity and with the goal to give kids based in Wuhan the opportunity to discover and develop their passion for soccer.

View Their Website Here

We Say A Big Thank You

Thank you so much for supporting us this January. The growth we experience all the time is because of partners like you, who choose to collaborate with us. We appreciate you and will continue to do our best to serve you the best we can.

Happy new month from the Dephlex Team!

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