Announcing the Dephlex Creatives Rebrand

It’s a fascinating concept that “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”.

Today, the shoemaker finally decides to make shoes for his family. We are happy to announce the rebrand of Dephlex Creatives.

The rebrand is not just cosmetic – we’ve taken this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market as a whole. We continually strive to be better at everything that we do, every day, for every client.

The new Dephlex logo is an evolution of the company’s previous logo, with a look and feel that embodies Dephlex’s tireless determination and genuine care for its clients’ success. The new typeface and vibrant colors reflect the company’s approach to our work: helpful, collaborative, passionate and innovative.

With every rebrand, comes a brand new online platform and digital experience.
And Dephlex is no exception.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, our website has also changed significantly, in-line with our new brand identity.
We’re moving away from building just awesome websites, to “helping small businesses grow & succeed digitally.”

Ten years ago, we were the new kids on the block. And to say we were a global branding agency would have been laughable.

But these days, what we do is partner with clients around the world, to help them drive real business results with their branding, websites, and marketing strategies.

It’s not only our brand that’s stepping up. It’s the whole business. And to say we’re a global branding & web design agency these days, feels exactly right.

And we’re here to stay.

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