World Sports Scenario (WSS) Website Goes Live!

World Sports Scenario (WSS) is a football academy based in Wuhan, China. In July 2015 an organization was created, “LWJ Wuhan soccer school” together with “Love, Wisdom, Joy Montessori education“. This project was born from necessity and with the goal to give kids based in Wuhan the opportunity to discover and develop their passion for soccer.

In September 2017, following two years of success and appreciations, World Sports Scenario (WSS) officially became a proper company, with a focus on 2 main projects:
(i) The Wuhan Soccer School project: to keep on coaching more and more kids in Wuhan, through different cooperation, and to provide an always better coaching methodology.
(ii) The China Soccer development project: to provide to partners across China several soccer related services, in cooperation with our international partners, with the aim to help the growth of soccer around China.

WSS is proudly developing soccer programs in several private and public primary schools and kindergarten in Wuhan, and organizes soccer courses in two different locations during the weekend, giving the possibility to more than 500 Wuhanese kids to play soccer on a regular base and to follow their passion. Since February 2017, WSS has partnered with ChievoVerona Football club, of the famous Italian league Serie A, and famous also for its youth academy.

The partnership with ChievoVerona is helping WSS to become more and more professional via training courses for our coaches and stages for our players, and also winter and summer camps.
Another very important aspect of the training is that they will be conducted in English, so the kids will have the great opportunity to learn and develop their English skills in a very spontaneous and even funny way.

So why did they need us (Dephlex)? Well, a company such as this on the rise needed an online presence first and foremost. How so? It was important for them to have that online presence because it provided credibility, assurance and a level of professionalism parents and customers in general seek.

Having a website turned out to be the final string in the straw for them as they could now properly inform and showcase what they were about, what specific information parents required or seemed and also to just illustrate the foundation upon which the company stands on and values.

Cristiano who is a part of the founding fathers of WSS found us via the web by searching for affordable web agencies in Wuhan and since our SEO game for lack of better words has been top-notch, we popped up on his search and contacted us through our provided email. He also found our website and skimmed through it. We later received his proposal of an email and immediately responded.

After both parties were assured there was a project in the works, a face to face meeting was scheduled where our Lead developer and Creative Director met with Cristiano one fine morning back in April of 2018. We met and spoke at length and finally the project was underway. We understood what he wanted and type of website he had envisioned. That’s what we do here at Dephlex Creatives, we bring our clients vision into reality which we did. Initial designs were accepted by him.

The site had a simple, minimalistic look which he diligently preferred. He had some reserved comments of course; mostly about the typographic changes and types of fonts. but the main purpose of the website was achieved. It was informative, illustrated and explained everything WSS was about and was complemented with its theme accent colors and logos throughout the whole website.

The launch date of the website took an unforeseen turn as our client was quiet, not ready to go live yet and also wasn’t in the country hence making communication quite strenuous and difficult so the postponement of the website seemed like the only viable option.

Almost a year later, both parties were able to come to a final meet and complete this project. Both sides were happy with the outcome of this project would be our first sports-oriented website with customs integrations such as a translator plugin which gives us the ability to make the website multilingual. It has the default English version for international customers and the Chinese version for Wuhan aChina-based clients

Dephlex Creatives was just as honored to work with WSS and Cristiano. They were very involved in the development of the whole site which is honestly ideal for us because we push for more of our clients to be very hands on and they were. Dephlex has now since partnered with WSS.

This website was designed and developed by Dephlex Creatives and it’s completely built with custom integrations. View our full range of packages and services.

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