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Dephlex Creatives: Highlights and Best Moments from 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for the team at Dephlex Creatives, LLC. Our team has grown, we’ve opened another company and our project portfolio has almost doubled in size.

What began as a small two-person team, fueled by dreams, purpose and passion, has since – eight years later – grown into a global, almost 10-person team of dedicated, Branding, Design and Development dreamers and doers.

Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and recap some of the highlights, victories and best moments of 2018.

A Rebrand, A Redesign, And A Vision For The Future

Let’s just get it out there — I never loved our logo.

The concept was just a quick idea and great play on our name that we came up with when starting our team. I mocked it up and went with it to get the team off the ground, never intending to keep it. But everyone we met was ok with it and as we placed it on the projects we did over time, it just stuck.

For the first several years Dephlex Creatives existed, I was by myself. The colorful branding we’ve had for years evolved out of my love of color and my desire for something other than the logo to represent me, because, at the time, I was the business. I loved the color, the positive feedback, and the praise we received from others about how much they loved it.

Then I moved to China in 2016 and I had to set up a team here to help provide value to my clients, and the brand had to evolve. It didn’t represent a company, but me and my solopreneur history. So we redesigned the Dephlex Creative site, simplifying the brand. And in January 2018, we did it again to “man up” the brand even more…

Dephlex Creatives Launches Dephlex Asia & Dephlex Africa

One of the biggest highlights of 2018 was launching our micro websites (Dephlex Asia & Dephlex Africa). On behalf of Dephlex Creatives and our over-committed team began the year with the first ever intake of brand new micro independent branches aimed at clients in Asia and Africa respectively.

  • Our first microbranch, Dephlex Asia, served our Asian clients independently by providing them with in-house team for their various needs. The branch gave the clients the opportunity to access the support for their projects within their own time zone.
  • After Dephlex Asia, we launched a second micro branch also specifically for our clients in Africa. The Dephlex Africa branch also served our rapidly growing clients in Africa and also gave them the same opportunities that our Asian clients were enjoying but in their own time zone.

Interested in checking our two micro sites? Click dephlexcreatives.asia for Dephlex Asia and dephlexcreatives.africa for Dephlex Africa to find out more!

Dephlex Creatives Launched Dephlex Cloud

Dephlex Creatives has been delivering exceptional web solutions to our committed partners (clients) for the past 8 years. In that time, we’ve recommended numerous hosts – always wishing we could offer it ourselves. Now we can!

We decided to start a new hosting company (Dephlex Cloud) to provide reliable and affordable web hosting services to our clients. Now not only can we guarantee the quality of your web project but also the reliability of where your project will live…

Dephlex Creatives Launches Ace-English

In March of 2018, Dephlex Creatives decided to launch a website for Ace-English, a free ESL hub that provides ESL resources built by teachers for teachers in China. This was a side project for Dephlex Creatives which was born out of necessity. After Dennis realized the pain ESL teachers in China had to go through to get quality free resources for their lessons, he decided to create a hub where all these teachers would visit for their resources. He started Ace-English on wechat groups until the limitations on wechat forced him to launch a website solely for the hub.

Dephlex Creatives took on that project as 100% free project to help give back to the ESL community. Ace-English is free forever and all resources provided on this hub is 100% free and can be accessed by every ESL teacher at no cost. All operational cost for running the hub is financed by Dephlex Creatives and donations from the ESL community.

Dephlex Creatives worked with wonderful Partners (Clients).

Thank you all for your interest in partnering with DEPHLEX CREATIVES for your digital projects. With well over 100,000 firms offering digital and web services, we know how challenging it can be to find the right agency for your digital and web needs.

As we always say; At DEPHLEX CREATIVES, we hold one goal above all others: We are PASSIONATE about your SUCCESS.

Our in-house team of strategists, web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, developers, marketers and SEO experts uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution, and we’re dedicated to building the perfect solution for your brand on-time and on budget.

Thanks again for the opportunity to earn your business!

What’s In Store for 2019

With the new year just around the corner, we can’t wait to get started with our exciting new projects and developments!

In 2019, we’ll be:

  • Officially launching our already developed independent micro websites dephlexcreatives.asia (Dephlex Asia) and dephlexcreatives.africa (Dephlex Africa) to serve our clients in Asia and Africa effectively.
  • Crafting more incredible projects for our committed clients.
  • Building new and exciting products for Expats and students in China and the ESL /EFL communities (some of these will be launched soon so stay tuned!)
  • Pursuing more partnerships with peer companies in the creative space.
  • Continuing to support NGO and Non-profit organizations who are making the world a better place.
  • Setting up our independent micro branch (Dephlex Europe) to serve our rapidly growing clients in Europe.
  • Finally Preparing for our 10th Anniversary in 2020.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this recap of our year! Looking back at 2018, we are filled with so much gratitude for everything that we’ve been able to achieve. Thank you for your continued support, we can’t wait to see you in 2019!

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