Word Impart Website Goes Live!

Word Impart is a Christian blog founded on the teachings of the Holy Bible with inspiration from the Holy Spirit to teach, inspire, and direct all to the knowledge and love of God. Word Imparted was founded by Clement Lartey. Word Impart is truly determined to spread the gospel and teach believers to mature in understanding the principles, promises, prophecies, and paths of God as revealed in the Bible. Our passion is to help others attain maturity in faith so that their lives will reveal Christ on Earth.

wordimpart.com went live after a successful job done by our Dephlex Creatives team which brought out whooping style and class to the whole web building game.The website is predominantly a blog post site whereby the Word Impart authors have the ability to post daily words of encouragements and much more. Newly integrated features were introduced in the development of this particular website which therefore presents a unique perspective to the website building realm.

Dephlex Creatives was honored and quite privileged to work with Word Impart as they continue to inspire the world around us with words. It was a tremendous collaboration and we at Dephlex Creatives are glad to have them on board as a client.

This website is one of our small blog post website built with custom integrations. View our full range of packages and services.

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