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For many in the Non-profit world, the word ‘branding’ sounds a little foreign. It has associations with advertising and commerce and can seem a long way from the traditional scope of the Non-profit sector. But in today’s highly visual world, Non-profit organizations require branding just as much as other more typical commercial organizations do. Some will make donations based only on what they see on a website. Others will be drawn in by other visual cues, such as brochures or flyers. In all of this, whether online or printed, there needs to be a strong, consistent brand. In this way, you build trust and a circle of supporters who are loyal year after year.

Even if they come through different routes, like email, a Google search, or a friend’s recommendation, most of your potential supporters and donors will check your organization out online before anything else. That’s why your website design is of utmost importance. Your website has to be good enough to retain the attention of people who could switch to another website at any moment.

Branding can have a transformative effect on a Non-profit’s relationship with its supporters. If a Non-profit has a strong and consistent identity, it will flourish. Donors are more likely to donate again if they feel involved in the nonprofit, while potential supporters who come across your website for the first time will be more likely to return if strong branding successfully transmits your message. Think of your website as the public face of your nonprofit: for many, is it the only part of your organization that they will ever see. As in real life, online first impressions count for a lot, and we here at Elevation have all the skills and creative flair to bring the best out of your website. Visual impact is only half of the story though. We also recognize that an attractive website must also have a strong back end to ensure optimum usability and reliability for years to come.

At Dephlex Creatives, we combine a social conscience with advanced web design skills. Our specialized nonprofit background means we have all the know-how to make your nonprofit website more efficient and more attractive, ensuring greater numbers of visitors and higher levels of visitor satisfaction. Our expert team can guide you through the whole website design process, from conception to final usage.

A better website can bring you improved visibility and a boost to the number of visits to your website. This, in turn, can expand your influence and bring you more donors. In today’s hyper-connected and internet savvy world, nonprofits that do not understand the critical importance of maintaining an effective online presence are bound to suffer. We can offer you the customized features that suit your nonprofit best, based on what you tell us and our own research. Beautiful websites for foundations and non-profit’s shouldn’t cost the world. We can help you reach a larger audience, improve fundraising efforts and share your mission with the world.

Our Non-profit web design service provides our clients with a professional, thoughtful and beautiful website. With up to 6 custom designed pages of your choosing and you can add more if you need them at a discount of 50%. Investments start at just ¥699 and projects are usually completed within 2-4 weeks.

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