10 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget (Part 7)

Welcome to part 7 of our Marketing mini series on “10 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget”.

7.Ask for referrals

Never feel bad or shy about seeking for customer referrals. Majority of people say they’re willing to give a referral if asked, yet very few take the initiative to do it on their own.

Referrals make it much easier to get in the door with new customers. If you aren’t asking for them ,then you are missing out on a great opportunity

In Closing

I hope part 7 of our mini series on 10 Ways To Market Your Small business On A Shoestring Budget has you inspired and pumped up for the rest of the series!

Do you have any other thoughts or practices on marketing your small business with a small budget? Let us know in the comments below!

Tomorrow:8.Build relationships


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