• Do you have friends or family who need a website?
  • Do you have a Dephlex Creatives website and would like to share the love?
  • Do you want to recommend your clients to a ‘small business friendly’ digital agency?

Well, the Dephlex Creatives Referral Program could be just the thing you need!

As a small business owner finding a website company can be overwhelming and fraught with risks. Bad web developers can make the process even more unappealing. Because we have been doing this since 2010 and we have served quite a number of clients to understand your needs and we know how to build a good website.

Today at Dephlex Creatives, almost 100 percent of new clients reach us through a referral from a friend, family member, colleague, industry peer or associate. This makes us happy for a few reasons:

  • They reach out to us because one of our current or past clients recommended us and spoke highly of our skills and focus on high-end client service.
  • They call because someone we didn’t end up working with was so impressed with our portfolio, our reputation, and how we handled the sales process, that they recommended us.
  • They fill out our new project inquiry form based on our reputation and referrals made through social media.
  • Past clients hire us over and over for new projects because of the relationship we have nurtured and the trust we have built.
  • It helps our business grow so we can spread more love and help more people have awesome websites, which in some cases can turn a business around completely!
  • We believe what goes around comes around so we get to give you thank you gifts and you get even more value from hanging out with us.

Our most lucrative clients and our favorite clients have all come from referrals, from people seeking us out based on what others have said about us and our company.

How it works

We have made it super easy for you to refer your clients and friends to us. We also want to know who you are so we can return some magical high fives..!

So please click here https://2019.dephlexcreatives.asia/affiliate-area/ to join our Dephlex Referral Program. It’s free and will only take a minute to start referring your friends. Your friends will immediately qualify for a 10% DISCOUNT on their new project with the referral code you send them.

Then whenever you want to send someone our way in the future simply return to this page https://2019.dephlexcreatives.asia/affiliate-area/, we have a tracking system in place that will let us know when they become a client.

AND we saved the best part until last, we will not only treat your referrals like we would our mums, we will also send you a 10% of their total project cost in cash as a real high five.

So please sign up here and let’s get this Lovefest started!

A bit about us: Dephlex Creatives is a leader in small business web design. Our approach focuses on what matters most — results that not only look beautiful but really work and we are still growing. We provide website designlogo design, graphic designe-commerce websites and online marketing and would love to help your clients and friends.

We want the best for small businesses so you can feel confident that your friends and clients are in good hands and we will take care of them.

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