Jerk Policy

You are reading this policy about what we consider to be jerky attitude and how we handle clients that are jerks with us.

We communicate openly with our clients, are polite, honest and transparent. We are also contactable and respond within a reasonable amount of time. We also feel we deliver the best service you can find and if we don’t deliver we will be open about our shortcomings.

Most of the time we are dealing with online software which inevitably is subject to change, updates, moving of goal posts, security issues amongst other things.

We don’t expect our clients to be jerks to us though.

We expect our clients to treat us the same way they want to be treated.

This is what a jerk looks like:

  1. Using derogatory or foul language with any member of our team in emails, calls or messages.
  2. Blaming us for something outside of our control (especially after we have explained as such).
  3. Sending us messages claiming the sky is falling and being rude about it and blaming us.
  4. Pressuring us for completion of something complicated even though we have explained what we are doing is complicated and takes time and we will provide updates.
  5. Withholding payment for services rendered without a valid excuse or prior agreement to delay payment.
  6. Being rude with us when/if we cut your web services due to non payment because you did not contact us to let us know you can’t pay or will be late in paying.
  7. Expecting us to read your mind and get snooty with us when we ask you for more details about an issue on your web site.
  8. Expecting us to treat you special because you are a millionaire, celebrity or influencer. As the saying goes: a lion does not have to announce its a lion.
  9. Trying to tell us how to run our business.
  10. Automatically expecting us to to do things for free because you have been a “loyal” client over the years.
  11. Automatically expecting us to do things for free on the “promise” you will give us work in the future.

So, bottom line is: if you are a jerk with us, we don’t want you as a client. We will quickly and gladly show you the door.

There is no need to be a jerk. Just be nice and we will be nice back.

Life is too short.